Svetlana Kudryavtseva


Svetlana joined TEC’s financial department with strong experience in bookkeeping and accounting principals, to bring forth some exceptional organizational strategies. She serves our clients by providing information regarding financial inquiries and resolving any issues that may need support or further direction. She maintains the workflow on a day-to-day basis by updating any account information and documenting any project activity that is required. Svetlana’s extensive background and former job experience has granted her the ability to quickly and effectively manage dynamic tasks that we capitalize on in ensuring our companies daily workflow.

What extra steps do you take to keep our client happy?
I maintain a solid schedule with our employees and our clients – During projects I make sure our vendors, consultants and any other parties are fully aware of payment periods, payout and any other financial aspects are clearly addressed. I feel it’s important to keep a strong presence in the financial aspect of a project as it abides by a firm construction progression flow. By doing so, we can stick to a timeline we promise and move ahead before a promised completion date.
Strong Organizational Skills
Exceptional Customer Relations
Financial Record Database