Tom Smoczkiewicz

Service Technician

Tom has been working with TEC Systems as one of our extremely experienced service technicians. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and surveying experience. His knowledge of pneumatic, mechanical, and electrical issues allows him to navigate control panels and assess problematic relays with ease and efficiency which are prime qualities when approaching new and existing projects. Our clients expect nothing but excellence from our technicians and Tom exceeds above and beyond those expectations. We look forward to presenting Tom with many more challenging projects in which we have no doubt he will excel in.

What inspires you here at TEC Systems?
I appreciate the many different projects I get to work on here in New York City. One day I can be in the Lower East Side, and other day I can be working in New Jersey. The ability to travel and stand upon some of the highest profile projects to date is pretty incredible. Also, I get to see how they are running from the inside. I get the experience to use new technology in innovative ways to help clients run a solid, and smart BMS. Between the new technology, and the sophisticated architecture I get to witness makes my career very admirable.
Advanced BMS Diagnostics
HVAC & Mechanical Knowledge
Excellent Client Relations


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