Vera Gitelson


Vera has been in the electrical engineering field for over 20 years, this along with her long knowledgeable understanding of building automation leads her to be one of our greatest estimators. Vera’s ability to look at riser diagrams and blueprints of projects starting from the ground up is one of her strongest points. She can easily visualize the entire complexity of facility is going to have; this includes basic HVAC, smoke dampers, lighting controls, and any sustainable utilities. Vera take the time to work closely with our clients and their facilities staff to assure all points are accounted for that lead to comfort, security, and control. Her responsibility she abides to between our sales and estimating department and engineering always helps bring us to the bottom-line of any project we are given for our clients.

How do you help your clients needs?
My understanding of building automation combined with keen attention to budgetary detail allows me to plan multiple purchasing options to suit my clients. I like that I have the ability to give them several options with different products and different control plans to help them understand what their facility requires to run at its most effective level.
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