Inside TEC

Inside TEC’s Panel Fabrication Shop

August 23, 2016

Paying considerable attention to the craft of fine detail fabrication and testing characteristics allows us to develop some of the most important parameters we carry through in our commissioning department for quality assurance. Amongst our in-house commissioning and engineering departments, the two collaborate together to work on our panels to assure there is less room for error, and any changes or upgrades are made on the spot. In the workshop, our engineers and technicians analyze the plans, products and production. They find the most important functions needed to carry out their sequence of operations in the midst of fine-tuning and structural details. The continuous testing and verification shows just how serious our teams are; the maintaining of alarms, loops and trends are generated through the customized BMS and prove to be of most reliable and most accurate setpoints created. When a facility is running its most efficient equipment during peak seasons, it’s crucial for us to learn what forces affect the performance, how to improve the running conditions and create a better improved BMS. Whenever advanced upgrades or sufficient changes take place our engineers will work hand-in-hand to assure the sequence of operations, resistance, and other electrical components are carried out to their full operative potential. Within our warehouse we stock a full supply of product lines ranging from Honeywell, American Automatrix, Allen Bradley and more to assure we deliver on time without any interruptions or hesitations.