TEC Systems’ in-house construction resources include project estimation, design, programming, management, and panel fabrication. In-house services can be offered inclusively or individually, and allow us to keep your costs as low as possible. The majority of our projects range from $100,000 to $5,000,000; previous projects have included commercial, institutional, educational and retail facilities.


Our staff knows how important it is to maintain a well-built and thorough automation system; they also know how crucial it is to solve any problems as soon as they arise. Highly-trained technicians are on standby around the clock, to efficiently troubleshoot the system’s setback, assure proper diagnostics, and have your system fixed in no time.


Precision and efficiency sum our approach to project budgeting. We work with highly-trained and experienced estimators who can rapidly obtain and provide cost figures to developers, facility managers, and other consultants, allowing almost immediate progress with your project, on budget and on time.


TEC Systems provides direct system integration services utilizing LonWorks and BACnet protocols. Additionally, integration to third party protocols through gateways and custom drivers, allowing owners to rapidly share information amongst independent systems, is a principal service offered. System integration is not only an advantage to any company looking for a cost-and-time efficient way to update their control systems; in today’s competitive marketplace, it’s a necessity.


TEC Systems recognizes the power of shared knowledge. That’s why we offer educational seminars regarding a variety of topics, including our popular Open Systems Integration, as well Control Systems. These seminars train your staff to utilize our platforms in the most efficient ways, pushing your company to the next level of productivity.