Alex Acuna

Senior Project Manager

Alex has been working here since 2007 as one of our prominent project managers. Streaming from his educational background in mechanical engineering and CNC programming, Alex comes to us with the capability to design, modify, retrofit, install and troubleshoot the electrical control systems we deal with on a daily basis. Additionally, Alex’s role of managing different department associates helps to declare that we meet construction schedules on the many different projects he is allocated. His resilient relationships and infrastructures he establishes with our clients, electricians, and contractors show his proprietary handle on business interactions. Alex’s passion for building and construction is uncovered through his propensity for learning new purposes on the products, solutions and care we leave our clients with. Following through on projects long after completion is a great trait Alex values, he ensues to work with the same team of professionals on many other portfolio projects we cater here at TEC, making him a first name basis individual.

What favorite hobbies or activities do you do that influence your work?
Having played soccer for many years has taught me to use some bulletproof strategies from the game that I find myself applying in real life, and on the job. In order to bring a project to the end, we have to work as a team. In order for the team to be successful, there must be strong communications and trust.
Client Relations
Time Management
Project Tracking
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