Alex Hackett

Account Manager

Alex joined TEC in 2013 originally as one of our UX/ UI designers in our graphics department. Alex utilized his creativity and knowledge of the BMS systems to bring projects to a a level of functionality that left our clients extremely impressed. He prides himself on his workflow and capability to understand and execute a project from start to finish. Always looking for a challenge and to expand his knowledge, Alex took on the position to be one of our project managers. He is proactively involved in speaking with each client to make sure all details are carefully listened to and taken into account so that when he begins, he has a greater understanding as to what the client specifically needs for that facility. His ability to translate that into and easy to navigate system, physically and visually showcases his firm knowledge of this industries solutions. We are confident in Alex’s drive to continuously push the automation control logic and how we implement our integration practices throughout NYC.

What extra steps do you take to keep our clients happy?
Being able to bring forth an envisioned level of BMS controls, helps me to conceptualize a project from a rudimentary idea to a full-fledged install. I continuously educate myself on the different products we utilize from our vendors, as well as the best integration practices to assure we can implement the dynamic operations for both new and retrofit work. In addition I also work to make sure that our clients are continuously updated on the site progress so that they can abide by their own schedule for tenant and guest occupancy.
Project Tracking
Attentive Followthrough
Strong Strategy Skills


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Featured Projects Alex Hackett Has Worked On
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