Brian Reilly

Senior Control System Engineer

With a degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University and 18 years of experience in the HVAC and controls industry, including consulting engineering, has Brian helping our clients visualize projects from all angles. He visits the project site before the installation, allowing him to understand not only the client, but also the building’s needs. He is able to make recommendations, and realize the potential that the building offers. Brian’s concrete understanding of DDC controls, and third party integration, and fiber optics helps to make one solid building strategy. In addition, Brian is also very impacted by sustainable efforts and budgeting approaches. Brian understands this goes hand in hand when providing the client with the ultimate possible solutions. He works diligently with building developers to support ideas that will showcase energy savings in the running time from some of the machinery that supports the overall HVAC.

What smart or energy conscious ideas do you bring to the table?
Majority of my portfolio consist highly populated public facilities. I understand the demand of control, cost, and comfort it takes to properly design a BMS systems tailored to the needs of that specific development. There’s no general game plan for a particular building, we customize each project to our clients needs, and wants and help to show them ides that are energy conscious, and geared towards smarter, easier to use technology.
Sequence of Operation Development
Product Integration
Implementing New Solutions
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