David Gore

Service Technician

David’s abundance of in-field knowledge has given him the ability to calibrate in the most complex of BMS alterations, assuring the client and us that the BMS running at its most cost-effective rate. We believe and trust in David’s ability to service our clients and provide them with not only the servicing their newly installed systems but to also educate the client so that we are all on the same page. David’s “can-do” attitude makes him an easy person to work and approachable when asking questions about the system.

What do you enjoy about your profession and job here at TEC?
My position here at TEC gives me the ability to work in some of the most well-known and respected establishments around New York City. My thorough knowledge and skills I have acquired working here has given me the opportunity to work in some of these establishments providing solutions and care to help maintain proper working conditions of the HVAC and other utilities.
Customer & Client Relations
BMS Troubleshooting
Hardware Upgrades & Integration


Team Member Since


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