David Suskie

Director of Sales & Estimating

David was sought out by TEC as our Sales Manager for his entrepreneurial spirit, interpersonal and business development skills to help lead our team. Having over thirty years of experience in the HVAC/ building automation industry, David strives to stay current with today’s technology and how it applies to our client’s needs.  He believes a consultant type approach with clients combined with his extensive systems knowledge and experience has given him the ability to cultivate longstanding trusted relationships. With a strong background in mechanical engineering, sales, and marketing, David provides creative solutions our client’s needs.

David’s industry experience ranges from engineering, manufacturing, wholesale, and contracting giving him the unique insight to evaluate projects from many viewpoints.  His passion for delivering an excellent customer experience drives him to keep current with today’s technology while enabling him to cultivate longstanding trusted relationships.

David holds a BS in Mechanical Technology (RIT), Honeywell Analytics Gas Detection Systems certificate, LG – VRF design certificate, LEED AP, and sits on the board of a major ecommerce business supplying controls to the industry.

Do you have any hobbies that influence your work?
I have several hobbies that I really enjoy; golfing, hiking, and sailing. I find that within all these activities there is a lot of planning, strategic thinking and safety key points. These hobbies as with business requires that we ensure our team is always thinking ahead, planning multiple outcomes, and being safe in case of an emergency.
BMS Upgrades
Sustainable Design
Client Relations


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