Keith Manning

Project Manager

With our clients’ service accounts spanning from hospitals, museums, commercial properties and more, its important for us to dedicate a project manager that not only understands the extensive BMS platforms and components, but also the entirety of the scope at hand. With over thirty years of customer service and HVAC experience, Keith brings forth a level of integrity and innovation to our service upgrades through sustainable and technologically advanced BMS platforms. Originally working as our lead service desk technician, Keith assisted our customers from all hours and days of the week – through remote login, software troubleshooting and upgrades, he worked diligently to assure our clients were at ease, and their technical problems were taken seriously and immediately. As Keith takes on this new endeavor he will be overseeing the progression of the projects from coordination, scheduling material, delivery, installation and of course, service. We know that Keith’s capacity for the automation industry stretches far beyond project management, service and engineering. His aptitude to consistently learn how to be proactive within the field to deliver sophisticated and strong concepts keeps our portfolio projects on the extraordinary level we strive to exceed.

What do you enjoy most about working here at TEC?
The employees I get to work with on a day-to-day basis here at TEC are truly motivating and create a welcoming atmosphere. I appreciate that I can work off of their creative energy to supply my clients with rewarding solutions and new ideas. The overall job portfolio we cater to never ceases to amaze me as we work on some of the most high profile projects to date. Its exciting to see the progress and changes in technology that directly support some of the historic buildings we have accounts with. I enjoy working closely with my clients and brightening their day with backed up support that helps their building run better than the day before.
Customer & Client Support
BMS Diagnostics
Team Motivator

Project Management

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