Matt Takesh

Junior Commissioning Technician

With our portfolio growing at such a rapid rate, spanning through different markets, we find ourselves challenging the automation industry with innovate ideas and custom solutions. Our commissioning department has been answering these solutions with hands-on troubleshooting, developing and testing. Matt joined our team members to branch his encompassing knowledge of mechanical, and automotive proficiency. Additionally, Matt’s background in residential electrical and automation connectivity showcases his understanding for individualized setups that we gear towards apartment and office space build-out. Our clients can trust Matt to walk through the different levels of commissioning and fine tune field wiring, calibrations, and troubleshooting needed to compose the facility to its absolute best running capacity.

Do you have any hobbies that influence your work?
I've always had a passion for automotive design and concepts, from motor swaps, turbos, upgrades and more, the possibilities to further an already impressive design is endless. I feel that my passion and skillset combined, enables me to take-on controls to a new level of performance. We are able to dictate and transform the many layers of our panels and workstations that bring them out to a more sustainable, energy conscious and optimized architecture.
BMS Diagnostics
Electrical Troubleshooting
Hardware Verification


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