Richard Schwartz

Director of Quality Assurance and Commissioning

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Richard is constantly requested by name.  His thorough knowledge about our industry, vendors and applications makes him a strong asset to our firm. Originally hired within our service department, Richard successfully handled our contracted sites that involved upgrades, maintenance and new construction. All the while, Richard was able to bring on new technicians alongside, and train them with a diligent understanding and way of carrying out lucrative service techniques. This kind of leadership and compassion has promoted him as our new director of quality assurance. TEC is confident that his knack for learning and advancing our practice will lead us to bigger and better resources. Richard’s balance of being an educator and his background in electrical and computer engineering leads us to a confidence and eagerness to see how he will work with our commissioning technicians. With the industry and technology growing at such rapid pace, we know that Richard will be able to guide out technicians through troubleshooting, diagnostics and continuous education to assure that our implementations are constantly above our clients expectations.

What hobbies do you have that you feel influence your work here at TEC?
Ever since I was a kid, I have always been into video games and the different consoles that creators have made and upgraded over the years. Being into electrical engineering and computer platforms, I started to fix and restore older consoles and learning the different components that made them operate differently. This same diagnosing and learning has been applied to my career, specifically in troubleshooting and repairing devices that are no longer sold on the market. We must improvise and create new ways of bridging old and new technology together.
Advanced BMS Diagnostics
Upgrades & Troubleshooting
Excellent Client Support
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