Saif Chowdhury

UX / UI Designer

Saif brings forth a distinctive skillset of design and user interface experience to TEC Systems growing graphics department. His balance of creative UX design alongside his BS in electrical and computer engineering qualifies him to create compelling workstation compositions for our many projects around NYC. Saifs prior working experience in product design and robotics taught him how to carryout organized testing and generate new improvements for upgrades on hardware and software. This kind of hands-on dexterity and problem solving skill is exactly the established process we look to deliver here at TEC within our project teams.  Saifs strong understanding of how our clients interact with design and navigable computer elements, helps him to create dynamic and user-friendly BMS workstations. Were confident his collaborative thinking and project execution will give our clients the sense of ease and solid understanding they look to receive.

What favorite hobbies or activates do you do that influence your work?
I've always been interested in photography and video and continue to go out and extend my portfolio of artwork. I find that understanding how cropping, movement, speed and visuals play a huge role in how a person will respond or interact with whats in front of them. This attention to detail in a creative space perfectly relates to how I carryout my UX design and illustration. Finding out the proper proportion of negative space, color and information can make an enduser very comfortable or can bring on confusion making them less than happy with their workstation. I work with clients to understand their needs and wants and implement these kind of aspect in a sophisticated visual manner for a comfortable and easy to follow end result.
Storyboarding & Prototyping
HTML & Javascript
Excellent Graphical Detail


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