Scott Walsh

Director - Service Operations

With over 15 years of HVAC on-the-job experience, and prior working knowledge of contracting, Scott brings forth a wealth of dexterities here to TEC Systems. Scott has been working in our service department focusing on The NY NJ Port Authority Bus Terminal as his main contract. The facility exclusively trusts him to maintain a proper and well running BMS system. The large scale of the project gives Scott a slue of aspects he must support. Between a major chilling and heating system, to a numerous amount of air handling systems, it is crucial to Scott and the Port Authority that these costly utilities are running properly at all times. In addition, his universal HVAC background and certifications and experience with project management allow him the ability to diagnose and repair even the most complex systems.

What do you find unique in this line of work?
My experience with TEC Systems as being a service technician has shown me how to steadily manage a progressive workflow through troubleshooting and maintaining a plethora of different BMS systems. I have learned how to cover all of my bases when it comes to diagnostics thanks to the training and hands on experience I have gained here at TEC. This has given me the opportunity to truly help our clients in a way that is second to none and I find this sincerely rewarding.
Dedicated Customer Support
Advanced BMS Diagnostics
HVAC & Mechanical Knowledge


Team Member Since


Featured Projects Scott Walsh Has Worked On
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