Tasmina Younus

UX / UI Designer

When it comes to developing a true user experience, Tasmina is able to deliver an interface that is truly focused and one that optimizes a buildings entirety on a seamless platform. From graduating with a degree in computer science to crafting custom UX developments, Tasmina scopes a project from its beginning stages to its final completion. She diligently follows through the different phases of construction, to assure her compositions are capturing the necessary integrated systems in the most easy to understand visual representation. Her ability to assure our clients that their workstation will combine easy navigable screens, ordered drop-downs and more, makes the daily operations of the engineering staff a breeze, all the while giving them the chance to create better workflow through the buildings management for upgrades, maintenance and required changes.



What do you enjoy most about this profession?
Being able to work my free range of creativity into my profession allows me to bring forth a level of new understanding for our clients as they utilize the BMS for day-to-day operations. Considerations like color theory, vibrancy, line weight, font choices are all brought to the forefront of design when we work with our clients. We hear their needs, take notes on how they use their current systems, and how they would like to utilize the workstation once we hand it over - I implement every aspect, point and need they require to work comfortable and successfully everyday.
Adobe creative suite
Color Theory
UX / UI Development


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