Utilizing product lines from Honeywell, Echelon, American Auto Matrix, and more, we create custom-made, state-of-the-art solutions to the most challenging of building automation needs. Our services run the gamut of this industry, and include distinguished Design/Build support, as well as New Construction – Plans and Specifications.

Our employees are our backbone. Rigorously trained in-house in engineered design, software development, and panel fabrication, each combines passion and advanced knowledge to provide unparalleled service to your unique and

time-critical project needs. Tec-Systems also staffs a full Service and Maintenance Department, providing around-the-clock, remote on-line and on-site emergency response services. Comprehensive Service Agreements are available for all clients.
Of all these services, we consider precision and trust the two most important components we build in. Our long relationships with some of the most recognizable locations in New York city are testament to over 30 years of superb craftsmanship at competitive prices for all building types.

It’s what it takes to engineer trust. We never forget it.


Established in 1981, TEC Systems began in a basement with touch-tone phones and big ideas. One central idea was that a company could, through superior performance and transparency, engineer trust through building integrated controls. This became the mission and the philosophy TEC Systems lives by today.

By securing small service jobs over the course of a year, TEC rapidly developed a reputation for honesty and success. With its services soon in more demand than its founder, Michael Schwartz, could have imagined, the basement was abandoned for TEC’s first office on Vernon Boulevard in 1983. The same year, TEC sold its first DDC system to its first major partner: the illustrious New York Public Library. TEC’s homemade additions to RCA board-level, integrated controls systems with a built-in modem, had the ability to monitor and control a building entirely on its own; this was, at the time, revolutionary. Securing the philosophy of trust so central to its mission, TEC built a relationship with the Library that has lasted to this day.

As the building automation industry grew, so did TEC. In the early 90’s, John Arfman joined Michael to develop TEC into the full-service company it is today. TEC became the central automation figure in New York; this was no more apparent than when the American Auto Matrix asked TEC to be its metro-area partner. Always interested in the best of building automation design and the companies that figure trust into their practices, TEC built relationships with Honeywell and LonWorks, as well. By this time, TEC had moved into a bigger location to keep up with its growing staff and services, but still resides in Long Island City to be readily available for its clientele.

Thirty years later TEC Systems, Inc still plays a thoroughly central role in developing BMS for some of New York’s finest buildings to date. In doing so, it has engineered its way into the very operation of many high profile New York developments— helping secure and maintain comfort at our clients’ leisure. TEC Systems’ recent handiwork can be found at One Bryant Park, Yankee Stadium, 432 Park Avenue, The Museum of Modern Art, and many others.