The Honeywell product line comprises a majority of the large project equipment proposed, sold and installed by TEC Systems. The Honeywell products have the highest level of customer recognition and universal acceptability with consulting engineers in the New York City area, ensuring efficient installation and approval. TEC Systems is a member of the Honeywell Authorized Controls Integrator (ACI) and Open System Solution Programs. These affiliations allow TEC Systems access to the highest level of purchasing and technical support an independent contractor can acquire.


American Auto-Matrix was the first automation system represented by TEC Systems. Having installed solely AAM for the first 15 years of our operation, TEC is extremely familiar and adept with the system. AAM’s dependability and consistent upgrading of services is a key component of our ability to engineer trust.


Allen-Bradley’s product line has helped TEC Systems, Inc provide incredible accuracy and flexibility to the most challenging building projects. The highly customizable Logic Controllers provide an unmatched range of automation tasks for specific functionalities. These controllers have proven success in central energy utility plants, as well as mission-critical projects.


The products available through Echelon are open-system based, utilizing the LonWorks® system architecture and protocol. TEC Systems has been a member of the Echelon® Open Systems Alliance Network Integrator Program since its inception in 1996. TEC Systems is also an active member of the LonMark® Interoperability Association, which is responsible for setting and maintaining LonWorks® based open system standards.


For over 50 years Lutron Electrics Inc. has been manufacturing high-end and reliable controls that encapsulate lighting, shade, privacy features and more. The versatile and dynamic range of products enable us to provide our clients a luxury solution that is easy integrated and energy sufficient. The products work intelligently off of occupancy sensors to assure the upmost in energy savings and safety components.


Tridium brings forth a true open and scalable framework through there Niagra controller line. The intuitive products are able to effortlessly integrate with a facility that looks for optimizing running conditions and better workflow through an established staff for system management. The versatility offered through the modular systems creates an easy and improved performance through the BMS structure.


TEC Systems maintains membership and accreditation in several organizations focused on accelerating positive change and helping shape the future of the facility management industry. TEC has partnered with organizations such as the US Green Building Council to complement internal and external efforts in promoting environmental responsiveness throughout this industry. Such councils and partnerships represent an impressive group of leading companies dedicated to the construction of environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work.

Corning One

Streaming cellular, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet backhaul needs, The Corning® ONE™ wireless platform is the promising solution for maximal wireless connectivity. Crafted on an all-optical backbone with cellular modular support through the stable architecture, the Corning ONE wireless platform meets all of the cellular, bandwidth, and application needs for a facilities growing framework.    
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