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Now more than ever before, the federal government — the largest single energy consumer in the United States — has both a tremendous opportunity and a clear responsibility to lead the nation by example toward greater energy efficiency. The General Services Administration (GSA) procures and manages the buildings, products, technology, and other essential federal agency automation aspects. Needing to outfit its agencies with smart facility management solutions that result in significant savings to taxpayers, the GSA turned to TEC Systems for assistance. TEC outfitted the agency’s 201 Varick Street facility in downtown Manhattan with the state-of-the-art EXCEL-5000® Building Management System from Honeywell. Featuring new centrifugal and gas-fired chillers, the system is the most energy — and economically — efficient ever used in a federal building.


  • 1,175-ton mechanical plant
  • Replaced inefficient single state absorption chillers with new centrifugal and gas fired chillers
  • 66 variable frequency drives (VFD’s)
  • 69 high-end motors
  • 48 Honeywell control panels
  • Honeywell Open Link controllers
  • Replacement of 104 current to pneumatic transducers
  • Provide replacement field temperature sensors in the discharge, return, and mixed air locations (156 duct mounted temperature sensors)
  • The entire system is accessible via Honeywell’s Excel Building Supervisor (XBS) graphical user interface (GUI), which has fully configured graphics of the air handling control systems



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