Kevin Nagel

Commissioning Engineer

With our portfolio constantly increasing with new projects, and technology, our commissioning team needed someone who could work with our technicians on some of the verification processes with a knack for quality assurance through the different levels of automation. Kevin Nagel has stepped up to the role as our Commissioning Engineer where he will work with programming, networking, graphics and engineering verification. Originally as our Quality Assurance Engineer, Kevin will apply this through his understanding and hands-on work and applying it in the field to help train our technicians and customers on their BMS hardware and workstations. To help further our teams knowledge Kevin also holds demonstrations for our products to customer and third party commissioning agents so that they can better understand how to implement our vendors products through our panels, equipment and software for optimal results.

What do you find most unique in this line of work?
The growing level of technological savvy products keeps our industry on the forefront of efficient solutions. The various applications and integration practices we are able to carry out here at TEC enable our clients to reap the full benefits we can provide. During the checkout process I can accurately test different scenarios to simulate real-life incenses to assure the dependability and accuracy of our BMS work.
Software & Graphic Verification
Engineering Practices
Sustainable Applications