Kevin Nagel

Quality Assurance Engineer

With a degree in mechanical engineering Kevin brings forth a detailed and structurally oriented understanding of engineering dynamics and integration strategies. His working knowledge of designing and assembling calibrated devices leaves him with a skillset through working experience for commissioning. His prior studies of fluid mechanics, dynamical systems, and mechanics; helps him to understand the many constraints needed to compose a successful BMS system. In addition, his strong communication enables him to be an avid technician during the many different phases to assure they are being carried out to their fullest potential. Aside from his field responsibilities Kevin carries out a background in AutoCAD lending him to work easily with on our engineering and drafting department.

What do you find most unique in this line of work?
The growing level of technological savvy products keeps our industry on the forefront of efficient solutions. The various applications and integration practices we are able to carry out here at TEC enable our clients to reap the full benefits we can provide. During the checkout process I can accurately test different scenarios to simulate real-life incenses to assure the dependability and accuracy of our BMS work.
Software & Graphic Verification
Engineering Practices
Sustainable Applications