360 Madison Avenue


Originally home to a 17-story Abercrombie and Fitch department store, 360 Madison was completely renovated into a 26-story office space in the early 1970’s. By combining the previous structure with a new adjacent one, and by transforming these into a multiple-occupancy unit, architect Richard Cook & Associates presented building management challenges only TEC Systems could solve.

TEC Systems chose Honeywell’s EXCEL-5000® BMS to synchronize the building’s multiple automation mechanisms, installed throughout the unit’s 355,000 square feet. Because any modern office space relies on comfortable conditions conducive to productivity, TEC’s systems management allows for individually-controlled comfort systems, such as air-conditioning and heating units. These are just one of the many utilities provided by TEC to help the building yield a 90-percent occupancy rating today.

TEC Systems currently services and maintains all systems throughout the unit, ensuring the continued comfort and mobility expected in the modern New York office.


    Installation of an integrated Honeywell based building management system (BMS) to automate the flow and accountability of the work processed by the multiple mechanical operating groups within the facility.
    Engineered a Direct Digital Control system with pneumatic actuation to interconnect each device to the BMS
    Direct Digital Control of 30 water-cooled, stand-alone AC units
    Integration of McQuay manufactured mechanical equipment with Honeywell controllers
    The BMS is monitored from a central location via Honeywell’s Excel Building Supervisory (XBS) graphical user interface (GUI) workstations
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