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Cadillac Breaks Through From Detroit To NYC For Reimagined Possibilities

August 19, 2016

General Motors made the decision to relocate their Detroit headquarters to the newly restructured 330 Hudson in NYC – Cadillac President Johan de Nyssche hopes the luxury SoHo hub will influence the new marketing plan Cadillac looks to rollout with their Experience center and HQ. The 112 yr old brand looks to reinvent themselves just as 330 Hudson did with their 1910 warehouse restoration. TEC Systems was apart of the original renovation back in 2013 where we overhauled the base build and BMS controls through Honeywell and BacNet integration. Since then, TEC has been showcasing its ability to properly serve 330 Hudson through its numerous tenant fit outs such as blank, blank, and blank.
Cadillac HQ has been working diligently to develop the Experience Center to become more of a lounge and display space to bring together car enthusiast and creative minds alike. TEC created a user friendly and navigable workstation so the street level showroom would maintain comfort and control just like their automotive designs. The fan power VAV boxes are fit out with reheat coils to modulate simultaneous cooling and heating for the varying occupancy comfort. This technological advancement is beneficial for a showroom such as Cadillac where there is constant occupancy, season variable and radiating machinery.

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