Barry Vertal

Purchasing Director

Since 1984, Barry has built TEC’s reputation amongst vendors and customers alike. One of our first employees, Barry helped launch TEC by doing virtually any job he was required of performing. A degree in business law, and extended knowledge base helps him maximize all of our potential transactions. Barry has very closely established relationships with our vendors, and contractors we deal with on a daily basis. They all know him by name and are always willing to lend a hand and provide the best possible care we need. His charming attitude and charismatic efforts spread across TEC’s different departments as he showcases his ability to provide insight and help maintain proper schedules and support when needed. Our staff knows they can confine in Barry for their most critical projects and rely on him to setup proper deliveries, logistics and procurements. Many times on projects that deal with retrofit or third party integration we find we must use legacy products that sometimes may be difficult to find. Barry has the ability to easily track down these difficult to find and even discontinued products. His legacy continues to carry on here at TEC and we are more then happy to have him on our side.

What do you like most about working with TEC?
Having been here for over 30 years, I have seen many different changeovers and extreme developments in this industry. Seeing how TEC not only easily adapts but also adopts new ways of creating and learning helps enable them to continue to stay at the top. I enjoy being part of a company that continuously keeps projects interesting and takes on massive developments with truly bright solutions. I look forward to staying with this company and seeing the new barriers, technology and innovative responsive solutions they arise to.
Coordinate Deliveries
Strategic Outsourcing
Inventory Reduction

Purchasing & Logistics

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