Corey Zuzzolo

Commissioning Technician

Having served in the Military, Corey has learned how to install, operate and perform preventative maintenance on Army special operation communication systems. The imperative level of work needed to carryout through the Military was crucial to ensure all comprehensive service needs were covered. From there Corey decided to continue his career of communications and joined the IBEW Local 25 union, where he worked in telecommunication integration installs and servicing throughout the Northwell Healthcare system. As of 2016, Corey has become apart of our commissioning team where he will utilize his growing skills of integration practices and communication diagnostics on some of our latest projects around Manhattan to date.

What favorite hobbies or activities do you do that influence your work here at TEC?
I've always been interested in automotive, motorcycle and marine mechanics - I have swapped, repaired and diagnosed some of the most notorious problems on an array of vehicles. This kind of thinking and hands-on experiance has given me the benefit of learning to troubleshoot, research and organize my process to arrive at solidified solutions. From electrical, fuel and combustion issues, I have learned the many ways of properly testing and verifying diagnostics on a slue of elements. I take this same process of trial and error and apply it to my profession line of work to arrive at the very best solutions.
BMS Diagnostics & Repairs
Point-to-Point Device Calibration
Communication Platform Integration


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