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Gaining Industry Experience Begins Here This Summer

June 20, 2017

For the past several years TEC Systems has been engaging students from all over to join our Summer Internship Program in hopes of giving them the glimpse into the automation industry with the hands-on experience they can obtain in the field. From Project Management, Engineering, Commissioning and more we pursue a three month curriculum based on the students input, goals, and our drive to excel their knowledge and ambition.


This year we have the pleasure of having several students from local NYC schools who are working along side our teams on some of our latest high-profile projects. We look forward to not only being able to give them the opportunity to test-drive their creativity, but also allow our teams to learn something new in return.


Tony Zaho

I just graduated from Cooper Union undergraduate program for Mechanical Engineering, but I will be returning to Cooper in the Fall to pursue a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I decided to join TEC Systems because the I think the work being done here is very relevant to the research that I’ve been doing at Cooper. My master’s thesis will be related to retro-commissioning of the Cooper Union New Academic Building Laboratory Ventilation System. We believe there are a lot of opportunities to reduce energy consumption and save money for Cooper Union by changing out building operations. Working at TEC Systems will teach me a lot of relevant skills that I can use during my masters research. Even in the two weeks I’ve been here, I’ve learned a lot about how to read mechanical drawings and this is definitely useful when I go to dissect the Cooper Union New Academic Building mechanical plans to understand how it was intended to operate. I hope to pick up other skills and learn more about building controls and operations so that I can apply it to my research in school and also make my thesis completing and smoother.


Nikolay Shatalvo

I’m a senior mechanical engineering student at the City College of New York with an anticipated graduation date in December 2017. I had learned about TEC Systems at one of the HVAC career fairs back in spring 2017, where I spoke with Kevin Barnett and Ron Herrmann. I was impressed by their enthusiasm and the company’s background, current projects, and mission. My further research showed that TEC Systems is a key leader in the controls industry with their broad range of work. It is extremely important for me to work in an organization that prides itself on being a leader and is willing to invest in developing unique products and services. Additionally, I also reviewed the backgrounds of TEC’s employees and noticed that the team members have incredibly strong and diverse backgrounds. It is valuable for me to be with smart, accomplished professionals because I feel that it will help me grow as well.




Simon Cohen

I am currently a mechanical engineering student at Cooper Union here in NYC. I decided to join TEC’s Summer Internship Program to get the experience managing large engineering projects, and get the hands-on involvement in the field. Hopefully I will be able to take the knowledge and skill set gained here and apply it to the rest of my scholastic career and future as a well-developed engineer. I’m looking forward to learning from the project management team, and being able to bring forth a new perspective to my educational background. Additionally, the hands-on experience in the field as well is extremely beneficial as I am able to see firsthand the implementation and design of the BMS through different phases of construction.





Shailesh Patro

I took a course on Controls and Systems Engineering, which I very much enjoyed. Since taking that course, I had been looking for an opportunity to gain a first-hand experience in the field of Controls and Systems.  At Cooper Union’s Career Fair, I met Ron Herrmann. His description of the work environment and the roles of a project manager at TEC led me to apply to this internship position. When I joined TEC, my first impressions as a Project Management Intern exceeded my expectations. TEC has a very employee focused work environment, which was evident from the attention I, as an Intern, received. I was mentored by an experienced Project Manager and was entrusted to handle financial, contractual and field related issues within a few days of joining. It felt great to know that there was high value and importance associated to the work I did as an Intern.  So far my experience has been both challenging and enjoyable. In the coming months, I hope to learn and include modern software features, such as Microsoft Project, Excel Macros and Python to automate some of my work and better organize the project. I also hope to learn and utilize Project Management methods, such as Lean, and skills, such as business communication and field coordination.


Christopher Pellizzari

After graduating from Maritime College with a degree in Facilities Engineering I was looking to get the hands-on experience and furthered learning I could accomplish. I had learned about TEC systems and the different facets that make the company truly determined in this industry. From Sales, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Commissioning, Service and more, the teams here work extremely diligently to bring forth a level of care and service. I decided to take on the internship provided by the Quality Assurance team in hopes of expanding my knowledge in HVAC controls, the integration process and furthermore the panel fabrication process. Since I have been here I have had the ability to build, test and understand the process of design. From being here since January, I have also learned more about the integration process through graphics and software; the direct relation through the testing phase and points through the BMS shows me how everything starts to take shape and come together for a facilities daily operations.

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