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Teamwork Leads To Professional Development at TEC Systems

June 27, 2016

TEC Systems is proud to congratulate two of its control system design engineers, Jacob Swenson and Gregori Tayco on receiving their National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, NYS Engineer-in-Training (EIT) certifications.

The EIT is the first step to licensure as a Professional Engineer. Completion of the EIT application process and passing the Fundamentals of Engineering examination demonstrate a foundational understanding of engineering principles and practices.  

To prepare for the exam, Greg and Jacob worked together. Partnering allowed them to support each other and maintain focus on their goals. “Because we had been out of school for a while, and because we each possess unique skillsets developed from differing experiences, studying and preparing for the EIT on our own was difficult at first,” said Greg. “However, combining our knowledge and studying together helped us reinforce our understanding of mechanical engineering principles and practices.”

Greg and Jacob intend to deploy this same successful strategy when they pursue their PE exam as well as the pursuit of other challenging goals. “Working together really helped us successfully complete the exam. And in preparing for it we really gained a lot of knowledge that will help us every day as we take on more and more challenging projects at TEC Systems. We are really able to apply those skills every day,” said Jacob.

Both Jacob and Greg are Control System Design Engineers at TEC Systems where they are responsible for the design of Building Automation and Control systems for commercial, institutional and residential facilities throughout the New York metropolitan area. Greg holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cooper Union and is an active member in ASHRAE. Jacob holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from Auburn University and is also active in ASHRAE.

Congratulations to Jacob and Greg.

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