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TEC Takes on The Whole30 Challenge

April 16, 2018

TEC Systems Customer Sucess Manager, Erika Eskenazi has been leading our team members on a new path to success, wellbeing, and overall healthy lifestyles. For the past month, Erika has introduced and has been overseeing The Whole30 Challenge to our company in hopes of our team members making better eating choices and getting more active.

“I was inspired to lead Whole30 for colleagues who wanted to participate because making healthy changes (food & drink consumed, exercise/movement, meditation, journaling, and sleep) in my own life has been incredibly impactful, and I saw many around me struggling with stable energy, mood, sleep, and a healthy body composition. I thought it was a great opportunity to come together as a team, regardless of department or project, and support each other in achieving a common goal that would improve not only our individual lives but our communal lives and work at TEC.”


The most fulfilling thing about leading Whole30 at TEC was hearing about what transformed for each participant through the process.

Some outcomes our group observed:
– More energy ALL day — no post-lunch slump!
– A few dropped 20+ lbs (in a healthy, non-depriving way!) and some abs made an appearance for the first time in decades!
– Better, deeper sleep
– Clearer, more focused, mind
– Stabilized moods. Sunnier disposition, feelings of levity
– Some also chose to eliminate coffee and felt so good once over the hump!
– Eliminated blood sugar roller coaster that causes lethargy and simple carbohydrate & sugar cravings
– Learned new cooking skills, found new favorite recipes, and had fun in the kitchen with partners and kids
– Increased awareness about what they’re putting in their body – where it comes from and how it’s going to nourish them. We have some expert label readers now! And pro grocery shoppers in the vegetable aisle
– Discovered food sensitivities/intolerances: most notably dairy.
– Stopped consuming sugary drinks/soda and very processed foods even after Whole30 because they lost a taste for them and noticed the effects on their bodies.
– Discovered eating healthy is actually SIMPLE, CHEAP and TASTES GREAT!
– Broke emotional eating patterns and developed new healthier ways to cope with stress or sadness
– Discovered how sweet fruit is!
– Inspired family members and friends to make some healthy changes
– Huge sense of accomplishment and empowerment in achieving the goal and making healthy lifestyle changes

Click here to learn more about the Whole30 program, and be sure to follow our team members success by following our Instagram and Twitter today!


Personal Reasons for Taking Part in Whole30

“Even though I’m a very big boy, Erika said that I’m probably not a total chunk monster, but probably mostly just inflamed due to my poor eating habits. I thought, ok, I can get on board with that. (I was feeling better already!) Also, my health has really suffered due to … pretty severe sleep deprivation, and the poor food choices I was making.”

Favorite meals from TEC participants


·        Omelette with spinach, peppers, minced onion, and hot sauce

·        Veggie Omelettes and a piece of fruit (there are a million combinations and they are easy and awesome!! Not getting tired of it at all!)

·        Shakshuka

·        Vegetable/Fruit Smoothie with nut butter, coconut shreds, and cinnamon on top


·        Pepper Steak with steamed broccoli

·        Faux Pork Fried Rice: Riced cauliflower (life changer), mixed with scrambled eggs, diced chicken, diced carrots, green onions, ground ginger, salt & pepper, and coconut aminos (better than soy sauce!)

·        Roasted vegetable bowl: Roasted sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, carrots, & broccoli over arugula & cherry tomatoes – mixed with homemade tahini ginger dressing + sauerkraut on the side


·        Spinach Salmon with avocado oil + a sides of either sweet potato, sauteed onions, and tomato paste, green beans, sweet peppers, and/or cooked carrots.

·        Tomato basil turkey meat loaf

·        Chunky vegetable soup


Lara Bars

Homemade trail mix

What is keeping me motivated?

“Losing weight and seeing a positive change in my daily life.”

What I’ve Learned / Benefits

“1. Eating simple is actually awesome and easy!

2. Eating healthily actually tastes great!!

this next one was profound for me…

3. Until I tried this program I actually forgot how to eat food that was good for me because it’s not usually my first choice. I am what you call an emotional eater, and while most people probably know me as the super quiet guy in the corner, I do have ups and downs. Before Whole30 I was eating a lot, and often, and often at bad times. I was constantly full but still eating. Therefore I actually forgot the feeling of hunger. But I never forgot to eat. So if I’m not really hungry, but I’m definitely going to eat, I’m only really going to eat what is most tempting to me. ALL THE BAD STUFF. But when I eliminated the bad stuff, and moved the boundaries inward to only good wholesome foods, I remembered what hunger feels like. At that point I started to see an apple more like a sweet treat and a 1st choice.

4. If I plan my meals out in advance, I am actually planning to NOT think about eating garbage! I actually look forward to the food I prepared!

5. This whole thing is in fact a mental exercise. If you think this is physical only, you’re mistaken. Mental toughness, being decisive, and drawing a line in the sand with yourself about what you will and will not do is vital. Easier said than done, but doable for sure!”

Impact to Friends/Family

“My family has been seeing what I’m eating, and have been interested to see if I’ll stick with it. They also have become interested in trying some of the things I’m eating. They’re like, ‘but that’s so simple’. To that I say, yes, yes it is, and it is awesome. My family has been eating better just by having better foods in the house and seeing a better example in me. They definitely respect what I’m doing, which is also a win.”

Work Impact

“When I’m at work my meals are simple and quick and cost way less than they used to because I’m bringing most of them from home. I also don’t have a lull in productivity after lunch. I don’t like to admit it but my energy level was was always lower after lunch. But now, no food coma after lunch!”

General Impact

“Overall, I’m feeling great! I’m more clear headed, and less bogged down. I’m just better, it’s that simple. Just better.”


1. I said I would do it, and I don’t break my word.

2. I’ve been making sure that when I eat, I consider how I will feel after I eat, not just enjoying what I’m eating. This is a huge piece of the puzzle. When I feel good after I eat I look forward to doing that again.

3. My clothes fit better. I have lost 36lbs in 2.5 months and counting!


“I do get hungry often so I need to keep healthy things around. A piece of fruit, some veggies, a Lara bar etc. I have forgotten to bring good things along a couple of times, so that stinks, but I’ve just decided I’d rather just go without than eat something that’s going to make me feel like garbage anyway. To me, this type of thinking is the step sister to the oldest wisdom there is. Ever heard of  ‘think before you speak’? There are consequences based on what comes out of your mouth. Well, guess what, there are consequences based on what goes in your mouth. (If you’re chuckling, I’ll just say, let’s keep it clean folks.)”


“If you find at some point your determination is waning, and you are tired of being the weirdo who won’t eat the toast, or have a slice of pizza, or go with the flow, and you just can’t MAKE IT, think about this: Who’s the last person that just went with the flow, that made history? You won’t remember them. Why?  Because there aren’t any. This program is going to be part of your personal history. MAKE IT!”

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