TEC Utilizes Abatement Technologies To Solve Isolation Room Challenges At Bronx Lebanon Hospital

August 23, 2016

TEC helped The Bronx Lebanon Hospital upgrade several pieces of their feature equipment and integration processes into an easy to use BMS frontend. As of summer 2015, TEC has been implementing pressure-monitoring units in the hospital’s isolation rooms to better control the differential pressure range. The efficient architecture of these devices simultaneously measures the differences between two separate rooms to help create and monitor the vitality of a safe and secure environment. The RPM Series differential pressure monitors from Abatement Technologies provide 24/7 monitoring and trending logs of all the collected data. The monitors feature a user-friendly unit, that is small and durable, and simply integrated through our scalable communication that ties seamlessly into the BMS. Additionally, the touch screen is a resourceful element for hospital staff as they are usually handling items or pushcarts, this allows them to easily manipulate or address prompts on the monitors quickly and effectively. 

The real-time pressure readings and accuracy delegated by this device help the hospital keep on track to deliver top-notch care in a easy collective manner. The optimal unparalleled differences from the upgrade have provided precise digital control logs for both a safe and secure environment. Achieving this kind of improvement for the hospital keeps our industry and market growing for promising solutions at a rate any facility can benefit from. 

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