Brooklyn Historic Society


Known as one of “New York City’s greatest architectural treasures” since 1863, the Brooklyn Historic society still remains a strong landmark within Brooklyn’s historical preservation. The museum exhibits priceless pieces of history, which date back to the early 1900s. In order to preserve these exhibits correctly, the staff has to maintain the surroundings, but more importantly the buildings environment has to be critically controlled.
Brooklyn Historical society realized how important environmental factors were to the museum, and commissioned TEC Systems, Inc to design and integrate a system that worked seamlessly on a common platform. The facility was equipped with a condenser and hot water and chilled water system as well a cooling tower. To assure the differential pressure controls and water flow meters worked in conjunction with Honeywell Excel and American Automatrix .
TEC utilized the open protocol of BAC net and lonworks to maximize the monitoring and configuration of a better management system. Choosing to use DDC controls to handle the many air handling units as well as exhaust fans and smoke dampers assures proper ventilation as well as smoke safety controls, enables maximum language sharing between the two platforms.


Owner and Developer:
Brooklyn Historical Society
George B. Post