Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center


For the past 15 years, TEC Systems has been working alongside Bronx-Lebanon to upgrade their facility’s utilities and automation system without affecting day-to-day operations. Tasked with assuring a smooth transition, TEC was able to help in all aspects of the evolving process and helped integrate new technology with already existing systems. By proposing and installing the Honeywell SymmetrE™ Server, TEC provided effortless data trending, and information archiving from critical hospital areas. More extensive improvements to the facility included the addition of three chillers, new cooling towers, AC units, and VAC systems, all seamlessly monitored by user-friendly stations throughout the facility. Through an engagement of an already existing American Auto Matrix System, and TEC’s new Honeywell system, the user interface optimizes running condition, allowing for streamlined performance. With one of the busiest ER’s in New York, the facility demanded dependable building functionality, and TEC delivered.


    SymmetrE front-end to optimize user experience and flexibility to better asses problems that arise
    Chiller upgrade of 3 separate units are a crucial asset to the hospitals facility for cooling and water distribution
    Trending data from the systems help ensure the facilities critical rooms are operating at peak performance
    BACNet Bus controllers tied in the Honeywell upgrades with open platform communication protocols
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