Luis Hernandez

Project Manager

TEC Systems has a variety of clients, some of which include hospitals and critical medical facilities. The discipline and knowledge needed to successfully execute a proper BMS switch over requires an individual who can visualize a system in its entirety. For over 7 years, Luis has been a key member in the processes that we face when it comes time to maintain, upgrade, and service medical facilities. As of 2016, Luis has joined our project management team where he will further expand his capabilities and drive to assist our clients around NYC. Luis has shown our clients and us his determination and care no matter how challenging of a position he is sometimes faced with. His educational background and growing skill set pair well with the projects we hand down to him. His ability to successfully integrate mission critical equipment, sensors, and controllers has helped us maintain running conditions and avoid down time when hospitals require it the most. Overall, Luis extends his capacity for knowledge in this industry to better serve his client expectations and ours.

What favorite hobbies or activities do you have that influence your work here at TEC?
Ever since I was a kid I have always enjoyed playing video games and learning techniques and strategies on how to advance levels. I feel like I use this same method of problem solving when it comes to my position here at TEC. I always plan ahead and keep in mind that many things can go wrong, but just like a game you need to be quick on your feet and ready for anything.
Advanced BMS Troubleshooting
Client & Customer Support

Project Management

Team Member Since


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