Tatsiana Rakush

Director – Finance

For the past few years Tatsiana has kept our bills up to date, our payroll on schedule, and customers informed of their accounts. Tatsiana is responsible for the processing, reviewing, tracking, and general ledger posting of construction draws for multiple projects. Her ability to work so closely with our project management teams helps to keep construction on a timely track and help push deadlines above expectations. She also maintains payment and invoice files, manages external clients and lenders funding, and performs bank account reconciliations and other monthly internal management reports. Her due diligence keeps our clients, and employees at ease knowing they are in good hands, and never have to worry or be in question. Tatsiana’s contribution to keeping TEC’s accounting, payroll and financial influence rationalized helps to maintain a value that can easily be drove through the company’s stockholding, at a promising upward rate.

What do you enjoy most about working with TEC Systems?
The employees here at TEC are truly one of a kind. They are always eager to help, assist in fresh roles, and take on new responsibilities. The ability to rely on my fellow employees for help is really a great sentiment, especially when new work turns in, and we find ourselves covering numerous tasks. Overall, the friendly and personable relationship we all share, and continue to segment across our clients and outside teams is one of a kind.
Excellent Client & Employee Relations
Optimized Financial Analytics
Project Budgets


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