Vaughn Sailsman

Senior Project Manager

Vaughn’s ability to inspire team members and clients to execute project plans with enthusiasm makes him a great asset to our team of project managers. Vaughn extensive career background makes him one of our most valuable project managers here at TEC Systems. Vaughn has worked in graphics, purchasing and engineering, which has given him the strength to help clients envision and plan their project’s development from an entirely different point of view. His clients know they can trust him to not only successfully handled their most valued project, but keep them calm and aware of schedules every step of the way. Working here for over 10 years, his portfolio speaks for itself; from traditional commercial and residential high-rises, to heavily invested heath care facilities, Vaughn has proven over and over again that no matter that outline for his next project he can provide the management needed to achieve top notch work. He makes it a top priority to work well with our project’s contractors, developers and vendors to assure a swift and smooth operation. We know his clients value him and his enthusiasm that he brings forth as continues his growing career path here.

What hobbies or activities do you have that influence your work here?
I have loved football ever since I was a kid growing up, playing it, watching it, and going to games. I have learned to apply a lot of what I had learned between strategies, games plans, and teamwork. Majority of my day is spent with project teams and different departments here at TEC working on new ways and improvements to help come to a bottom line that is not only productive, but also one that is strong in place on the jobsite.
Analyzing Trends
Strong Scheduling
Project Networking
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