JFK Terminal One


When four of the world’s largest international airlines — Air France, Japan Airlines, Korean Airlines, and Lufthansa — agreed existing international air facilities were inadequately keeping pace with their needs, they founded the Terminal One Group, and in 1998, Terminal One at JFK was officially opened.

With an expected initial load of 2,000 passengers per hour, the terminal demanded a reliable building management system capable of delivering consistent peak performance. TEC provided just such a system, installing a Honeywell EXCEL 5000 regulating all key HVAC functions, as well as various mechanical and electrical components. With centralized chiller and hot water distribution, 27 control panels, and two graphical user interfaces for maximum user-automation control, the system was heralded as an innovative approach to building management, serving an innovative approach to air travel.


    Honeywell’s Excel® 5000 system regulating all HVAC functions
    27 XL-100 & XL-500 stand-alone control panels enabling Direct Digital Control of 27 Air Handling Units
    320 XL-10 Direct Digital Control Variable Air Volume and fan powered boxes
    40 exhaust fans
    20 fan coil units
    Centralized chilled and hot water distribution plants
    2 Honeywell XBS graphical user interface (GUI_ workstations) facilities access to the Building Management System
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