The Port Authority Bus Terminal


The main gateway for interstate busses into Manhattan in New York City, the Port Authority Bus Terminal is the destination of over 200,000 people each day. Originally built in 1954, the PABT must continually expand and upgrade its building management systems to meet the increasing demands placed on their facility. TEC Systems was the Authority’s choice to modernize building controls and increase energy efficiency, by seamlessly installing a building management system retrofitted to operate with myriad existing equipment systems.

TEC chose an EBI system comprising two servers, six workstations and over 140 XL1000 and XL800 controllers. These monitor and govern all building systems, including HVAC, chilled and condenser water, lighting, access doors, life safety and fire/smoke controls. Connected through a fiber optic network with over 30,000 feet of cable, the system provides centralized and secure control of the facility’s every operational aspect.

TEC Systems continues to be involved in Port Authority’s many upgrade and expansion projects, designing unique systems that adapt to the facility’s increasing capacity and infrastructure.


    Honeywell’s Excel® 1000 & 800 system regulating all HVAC functions, chilled and condenser water, lighting, life safety and fire / smoke controls.
    Retrofit existing equipment to increase energy efficiency.
    EBI System: 2 Servers, 6 Workstations over 140 XL Controllers
    Over 30,000 ft of fiber-optic network cables
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