Eurohypo AG


With one of the most recognizable facades in New York City, the Grace Building has long held an esteemed position among Manhattan’s skyscrapers, and it’s interior is of equal envy. Among many stand-out features, the 1.5 million-square -foot tower, created by renowned architect Gordon Bunschaft, FAIA, offers tenants one of the most technologically advanced security systems in the country. This was one of many reasons Eurohypo, the world’s largest private bank dedicated to the real estate market, chose to locate their U.S. headquarters here in 2002.

To assist Eurohypo in achieving and maximizing facility efficiency, TEC responded to controls and automation challenges with the installation of an equally modern facility management system standardized with Honeywell’s EXCEL 5000 Open System Technology. In addition to superior heating, cooling, and building control features, TEC, paying special attention to Eurohypo’s need for constant and consistent productivity, included LonWorks Network Services software allowing secure employee access to the company server anywhere in the facility. With the perfect balance between data safety and accessibility established by TEC, Eurohypo enjoys profitability and comfort every day.


    Honeywell’s EXCEL 5000® BAS to cost-effectively manage the facility
    Installed a direct-digital-control variable-air-volume (VAV) system with XL-10 LonWorks® controllers
    LonWorks® network throughout the tenant space and connected to Honeywell’s SymmetrE™ front-end
    Mammoth packaged water-cooled AC units with a LonWorks® interface
    Liebert AC units integrated with the front-end via the Modbus protocol
    LonWorks® Network Services software Graphical-user-interface connected to tenant’s IP network, allowing secure access from anywhere in the facility
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