Christopher Pellizzari

Director – Service Operations

Originally interning with TEC’s commissioning department, Chris realized he wanted to explore his options in the controls industry and gain the hands on experience. After graduating from Maritime College with a degree in Facilities Engineering, Chris came to TEC to understand the different phases and components that complete a optimal running BMS system. Chris decided to join our growing service department and be apart of the assigned team at the NY & NJ port Authority, where we have been constantly updating and maintaining the facility for the past several years. With a drive to continuously learn and knack for problem solving, Chris makes an excellent addition to our firm. Our client know that they can trust him to diligently work on their facilities dependent machines and systems to keep them running at the highest level of functionality.


What do you enjoy most about working at TEC?
Everyone here is extremely friendly and always readily available to help assist a teach. Having been giving the opportunity to transition from Commissioning to Service, I have had the chance to see the similarities of how diagnostics and troubleshooting through the integrated systems are carried out. There is a plethora of ways that we are able to arrive at solutions, but also diagnose the issues or changes we can adapt for optimal conditions for that specific facility. Our clients trust us to lead their mechanical equipment in a way no one else can that helps to conserve energy, create comfortable climates and operate in a safe manner.
BMS Diagnostics
Client Relations


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Featured Projects Christopher Pellizzari Has Worked On
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