Martin Abraham

Account Manager

When it comes to customer engagement and satisfaction, Martin knows how to provide exceptional service and assist our clients in every he can. From existing clients to new contracts, Martin takes the time to understand the system, unique components, and staff that maintain the facility so that he can better allocate the needs and services required to operate the budding in the most effective and energy sufficient manner possible. Additionally, Martins responsibilities stretch into our office personal, so that he can work with our engineers, coordinators and other managers to manage and develop new ways to bring forth higher expectations to our growing portfolio with new and innovative ideas. We know that our clients can trust Martin to provide a driven focus to their facilities every aspect that is in the interest of their well-being, safety, and the longevity of the building.

what hobbies or activities do you have that influence your work here at TEC?
I'm a huge sports fan, but my number one favorite New York football team is the Jets. With any sport it goes without saying theres a big comradery amongst any team that showcases a collaborate effort, game plan and execution. Here at TEC we all work together as a team to bring together a customized solution to our clients. We are able to distinguish ourselves from other companies because of the customer satisfaction new are able to create.
Client relations
BMS Energy Management
System Upgrades


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