545 Madison


Madison Ave has been known for its globally recognized designers such as Prada, Chanel, Dior, and many more. Since 2007 Madison Ave is now home to the LEED Gold-CS 545 Madison building. The 17-story Class-A office space was completely gutted, leaving only its structural frame for the newly designed glass curtain walls. The facility has been recognized by the USGBC as a Core and Shell LEED rating. This was accomplished through the use of advanced mechanical systems, including HVAC, electrical, and special green design features. The building consists of multistack chillers that are supported by two cooling towers on the roof that work to cool the condenser water. This dual heating and cooling system provides chilled water to the numerous FCU’s on every floor of the building to provide comfortable conditions, and operates the FCU’s from the steam heat exchangers in the building when warmth is necessary. TEC Systems Inc decided to utilize Honeywell Controllers alongside Creston Suite Controls with an open protocol LonWorks communication suite to maintain the HVAC, lighting, and shade control. Touch screen were provided for each office suite so facility staff can better manage and control system features.  Furthermore, the frontend graphics displays the BTU metering for the condenser, chilled, and hot water systems. This helps to keep the energy savings in line with the LEED certification through scheduling, trending, and constant monitoring.


    High performance HVAC, electrical, and mechanical systems helped to achieve the LEED Gold Core & Shell certification
    Honeywell / Creston system suit controllers displayed throughout the building for light and shade control
    BTU metering for condenser, hot and chilled water systems
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