123 Washington St


Located in the heart of downtown Manhattan, with breathtaking views of the Hudson River complemented by the newly redeveloped World Trade Center, The W Hotel is a perfect choice when it comes to a permanent residence, or a hotel option. Developed in 2010 by The Moinian Group, the tower evokes a postmodern design with an asymmetrical glass checker pattern that follows through the facade’s 58 floors, offering ceiling to floor windows in each unit. Understanding that tenant comfort and safety is the hotel’s first priority, TEC Systems, Inc created a BMS that was easy to use, monitor, and also trend energy reliant data. To tie-in the many HVAC components,  TEC chose to utilize controllers from the Honeywell XL 1000 series. By providing these controllers in the direct digital temperature control system, it was easy to integrate the necessary cooling and heating features to maintain an impeccable level of comfort. The facility is suited with a chiller system, as well as several condenser water pumps to maintain the high levels of air and chiller water needed to supply the many units. In addition, the facility runs an effectual heating system from boilers to heat exchange frames that help to keep the building comfortable and cost effective year round. The exhaust fans run in conjunction with the heat system to help cycle and maintain air quality at all times. Furthermore, some major machinery — including the chemical treatment, sand filtration, steam metering and chiller trending — features performance monitoring units. By monitoring these assorted points, we leave the facility with an easy to use front-end workstation that lets the hotel’s chief engineer maintain all operations at peak operation.


    Laptop and personal computer provided to help keep BMS running smoothly no matter where W Hotel personnel may be in the facility
    Easy to use graphical front-end with navigable screens to simply adjust or change set points through the HVAC controls
    VFD controls helps to keep chilled, secondary chilled, and hot water supplies maintained through all times
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