Superior Ink


Robert A.M. Stern has been playing a major part in Manhattan’s architecture for over 35 years. His classical and timeless efforts in design prove that his established dexterity is always in style. One of his many marvelous developments is the LEED certified Superior Ink Condominiums. The 17-story luxury waterfront sits along the Hudson River, housing 67 apartments, and 7 unique townhouses. To accommodate the specific needs and particularities of each residential space, TEC Systems proposed a Honeywell Excel 500 system to tie-in all the components of the development through Excel 1000 controllers. By configuring the setup to skillfully interface the modular chillers via B8ACnet, the condenser and boiler water plants maintain a water supply condition that enhances the energy consumption-to-cost ratio. Furthermore, the development suits three DX/Gas roof top units that work with Honeywell thermostats through the different areas to maintain the space set point conditions. Additionally, the condominium provides an 11,000 sq. ft. garage for its tenants that consistently circulate outside air through a sophisticated damper setup. The CO detection sensors are dispersed rigorously to maintain healthy air supply at all times.


    Energy efficient (BMS) building management system & recycled materials helped achieve the LEED Silver Certification by USGBC
    Garage CO & Ventilation System monitors the CO levels -- alarms and monitoring help to maintain healthy air quality
    Honeywell Excel 5000 System with Excel 1000 control panels to maintain the highest level of communication
    SymmetrE frontend workstation to help onsite engineers monitor and maintain a safe and comfortable environment
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