Connell Drive


One of the largest diversified and privately-owned companies in the US, The Connell Company manages multiple business operations that strategically balance short-term profits and long-term objectives.  In 1981 Connell acquired 185 contiguous acres in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey for their Class A corporate office complex. TEC Systems, Inc was contracted in 2007 to provide an up-to-date and unified BMS system for several facilities on the campus. The previous BMS spanned four office buildings that each worked independently of the other, resulting in an inefficient energy expenditure and thus an inefficient cost:operation ratio. TEC designed and installed an integrated system that allows building personnel to operate and control each system from any building user interface. Bringing the systems up to current platform standards transformed the entirety of the systems components. The panels were upgraded with Honeywell XL-5000 BMS with a custom EBI front-end graphical user interface that was easy to control and monitor. During the transition, TEC had staff persistently on site to assure no down time transpired through the four buildings. Increasing the level of automation for Connell Development Co. was successful for the corporation’s landscape. The operating staff became quickly acclimated with the new BMS to assure not only tenant comfort, but smarter energy savings.


    Direct Digital Temperature Control System with Automatic Temperature functions to easily control comfort levels.
    Relocated space sensors to work with existing variable air volume boxes at a more efficient course.
    Reprogram existing chiller plant and condenser water systems to cut cost and sustain superior energy savings.
    Improved control strategies to securely monitor and control set points through the campus.
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