NYC Marine Transfer Stations


New Yorkers generate on average 50,000 tons of waste,and recyclables every day. The New York City dept of Sanitation realized this statistic and decided to establish several facilities to help control residential and commercial waste. DSNY had key goals in mind, including increased recycling, the abolition of long haul trucking, and the development of containerization facilities to manage waste in each borough. TEC Systems helped create a more sustainable strategy to meet the DSNY facility’s needs. TEC provided a direct digital temperature control system that spans the facility and the several work stations it needs to run effectively. In addition, TEC worked closely with Honeywell to apply Co2 sensors to help maintain proper airflow from the many trucks that drop-off waste at the facility. Furthermore, we interfaced with SCADA system and automated chimney controls to assure air quality. TEC also was awarded a service contract to help keep the transfer stations running at the most efficient levels possible. We provided training classes and videos to assure all equipment was maintained.


    A sophisticated gas detection and monitoring system helps to assure levels of air quality are always maintained and safe
    Special training was provided by TEC Systems, and Honeywell to assure all staff and personnel was familiar and knowledgeable with the new BMS system
    Touch screens were installed on the outside of the control panels to help engineers quickly and easily make any changes necessary to the HVAC controls
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