John Arfman


Since 1993, John Arfman has helped shape TEC Systems into the highly respected company it is today. With a background in marketing and sales, John has been able to share the mission of TEC with some of the most influential buildings in Manhattan. His extensive knowledge in design and installation of building management systems continues to grow with each technological advance we come across. John maintains a one-to-one relation with each client we obtain, John values this as a true partnership, and works towards a longstanding relationship that covers reliability and trust. His authentic and steady approach to new projects is one that can’t be mistaken. He works meticulously with project teams to assure no slack or confusion is ever an issue. In addition, John works carefully with our vendors to understand product specific applications and how to effortlessly implement them on the job. Between walkthroughs, turnovers and more John will stand with his clients every step of the way, measuring up beyond their highest standards.

What keeps you motivated and inspired here at TEC?
Being apart of TEC Systems for over 20 years has given me an opportunity to be apart of some of the most monumental developments we have here in NYC. With that said, the people who help to make these projects possible are a pleasure to work with. You come across like-minded individuals with common goals and team efforts. We are able to see great achievements and solutions come to life and bring a client a true vision. I’m glad to have such a wonderful company with creative and hardworking individuals, their constant work ethic and drive inspires me daily.
Strong Client Relations
Competitive Vendor Logistics
Project Followthrough
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