Abington House


With breathtaking views of the newly established High Line, and Hudson Yards, the freshly developed Abington House is becoming one of the most sought after places to live. Situated in the middle of 30th and 10th, the new 33-story high-rise is making its impact with a visual bold statement. Using the given cast iron structure of the Highline that wraps the front entrance, its façade is counterpoise with the rustic use of traditional red brick and charcoal steel accents through the structural integrity. Aside from being a sophisticatedly designed development, the fine working of the buildings automation system is just as impressive.
TEC Systems decided to keep the design simple to eliminate excessive wiring and reduce response time and maintenance cost. The use of Honeywell’s XL 1000 controllers with the use of BACnet communication lead the communication of the many utilities and systems running to an enterprise level of functionality. The Abington House runs a very efficient water and heating system that helps supply the many rooms of the development – The combo heat power system is monitored through the DDC system to consistently verify the control of the water pumps and air flow in the building. In addition, the exhaust and ventilation systems that were installed through the building help to expedite the air quality control, all the while recycling the exhaust fumes to keep the buildings temperature at optimal conditions to assure tenant comfort.


    Honeywell XL1000 Ethernet based processor utilizing BACnet for open communication that works seamlessly to integrate all of developments HVAC equipment.
    The BMS shall open the zone supply air dampers, and, the exhaust air dampers associated with each garage exhaust fan to assure CO levels are properly dispersed.
    Utilizing Modbus integration, TEC was able to provide point monitoring to the Cogen system for emergency backup.
    TEC brought forth point monitoring and command through the BMS to allow engineers ability to easily navigate and utilize Energy Recovery Unit for optimize running cost and energy savings.
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