Battery Park LEED Condominiums


Exclusively perched on the waterfront of the luxurious Battery Park City sits one of the most elite and famous condominium in NYC. The development constantly strives to provide their tenants with unbeatable advantages, comfort and security. In addition, the condominium also recognizes the importance of energy consumption and has been actively maintaining the LEED Gold certification through the many facilities systems TEC helped design install and service.
Providing a fully integrated building management system, and incorporating DDC for the energy management portion of this project lead to easy HVAC control as well easy equipment monitoring. By utilizing open protocol standards through BACnet, Lonmark, and Modbus helped link a single platform for the developments many functions. Our graphics department stylized an easy to use front-end system to grant their in-house engineers ease of changing set points and trending of the cooling towers, primary water pumps, and the geothermal system. The facility is also housing several water unit heaters, four boilers, humidifiers, micro turbins, and domestic water heaters. The use of exhaust and air control from these pieces of machinery are all sorted through the facilities extensive exhaust and supply fans. They help to keep the air quality to a maximum while recycling any heat supplied to the water heaters where needed.


    DDC helps to maintain energy management, equipment monitoring, and HVAC controls
    Established communication using open protocol standards, such as BacNet, LonWorks, LonTalk, and ModBus
    Provided operators workstations throughout the facility to easily monitor the operating conditions
    One portable operator terminal that is constantly updated with the latest software
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