Michael Lasker

Senior Sales Executive

For over ten years, Michael has been leading our sales and estimating team through some of the most sophisticated case studies to date. His ability to work in this competitive market sector for new and reoccurring business has been shaping TEC’s growing portfolio with different applications and developments. Michael manifests longstanding relations with many of our developers, realty agents and others through continuous follow-up meetings and phases of construction. In addition, Michael utilizes his knowledge of microprocessors and DDC Systems to help our clients understand how they can reap the full benefits of their BMS installation. Michael takes the time to meet with our clients, their staff and contractors to do complete walkthroughs of the facility to fully understand the outline that will occur. Furthermore Michael monitors projects within the different phases that take place and assures our clients that timing, scheduling and logistics are handled in a timely approach.

What do you enjoy most about working here at TEC Systems?
I have always been a people person, and love the idea that I can better help them achieve their goals with ease and promising solutions. I have been in this industry for over 15 years and can easily pinpoint and create budgets and solutions that fit our clients’ expectations. I have established many relationships with my clients that keep them coming back for more. They know they can trust us here at TEC and I am happy to be apart of a successful and identifiable firm.
Competitive Sales Approach
Excellent Client Relations
Project Followthrough
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