Columbia Manhattanville


Developing on a 17-acre plot between 125th and 133rd street is home to the expansion of Columbia University’s Manhattanville. The multipurpose academic campus plan will include complete construction, renovations and upgrades to serve the 17-acre plot. TEC Systems, Inc was contracted to be a part of the growing construction to provide state-of-the-art integration practices for the industrial level plant’s equipment and required devices. Understanding the massive scale and density of the construction at hand, TEC had to demonstrate and introduce new applications and practices to ensure the running conditions and flexibility of the campus was covered through a scalable BMS. Utilizing energy management systems such as Rockwell Automation and Schweitzer Engineering seamlessly integrated the intricacy of the sequence of operations throughout the operator interfaces and panel workstations; this hardware to programming distribution throughout the central energy plant, better known as the Mind, Brain & Behavior Institute became the staple to help implement usability, and better-allocate management effortlessly.
Earning LEED-ND Platinum from the USGBC is recognized through the social responsibility and environmental design that was meticulously carried out. TEC contributed to the sustainable effort through several key points:


    4 Workstations, 7 Monitors, 1 60” Monitor that showcases facility overview
    2 SCADA Servers running with historian server over secure Columbia LAN network to effectively trend data to enable faster and effective decisions
    Alarms created for under plumbing section that carefully monitors and notifies if any alarms on the numerous pumps on campus
    Fire alarm and gas detection are easily monitored to assure proper emergency sequences are operating properly
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