Jesse Schoen

Graphics Manager

As head of our graphics department Jesse pushes his team of designers to create effective visualization for our client’s front-end development. His solutions are based on customers’ needs and modern UI standards. Jesse takes it upon himself to actively meet with our clients and tour the facility to properly understand how to create navigable compositions that clearly depict the HVAC and other utilities. In addition, he establishes relationships with our clients’ chief engineers to better suit the BMS front end so that it is easier to use and understand. For over 10 years, Jesse has been implementing custom graphics solutions that tailor unique equipment, metering, and data trending so our clients can get the most out of their system. He has been working with our in-house designers to establish a proprietary system known as FacilityOverview. This revolutionary technology is changing the game in this industry to serve high end and determined results.

What activities or hobbies do you have that influence your work here at TEC?
I’ve always had an appreciation for illustration and drawing my whole life, I enjoy creating narratives and depictions with strong composition that tell a story. I find myself using this same thought process and sharing it with others here at TEC to come to a bigger picture. When a project is finally complete, I can stand back and see how my creativity has made someone’s job a little bit easier.
Adobe Creative Suite
Project Team Management
Custom Client Solutions
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