Colin Gumbs

Chief Operating Officer

For over ten years, Colin has been leading and developing an account focused service team compromised of project engineers and technicians. While developing appropriate strategies to meet clients’ goals, he is also responsible for client liaison post project completion. Colin works meticulously with our clients and their staff to fully understand the perfect service contract they will require. Colin has the ability to setup independent service technicians to dedicated facilities were they are needed most. He bases his teams strengths and knowledge, and successfully matches them up to a client that he feels with benefit most from. His knowledge of products, integration, and HVAC machinery helps him determine which of our service technicians will best suit their project. His friendly approach and thorough follow-ups leave our clients with relief knowing they are in the best possible care.

What do you continue to study and learn to keep your profession up to date?
I find it very important to continuously learn about new offerings and products through our vendors in this industry. I learn about different applications and how to successfully integrate and maintain such systems. Also, I stress to my technicians how important safety protocol is; I regularly register myself and my technicians to continuing safety courses so they understand the potential dangers they may face on job sites.
Client & Vendor Relations
Tailored Service Contracts
Onsite Client Support & Training


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